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QHSE Manager (1 vacancy)

Duties –
Reports to Shipping Manager.
Oversee shore-based and ship-based compliances to the Company mission, vision and policies statements.
Oversee performance of port capt.
Attend related organization briefings, meetings, seminars, forums and provide feedback to the Company.
Promptly introduce and or revise all applicable QHSE aspect issues coming in force or recommend by the ISO, IMO classification, flag state, oil majors and National authority.
Promptly address shore-based personnel and or fleet performance lapses to improve the safety management system.
Propose upgrading and in-house training requirements for shore-based or ship-based staff as required.
Work closely with the other department s to address promptly flag/port state, audit, or oil terminal findings to prevent recurrences. Provide feedback during periodical company meetings.
Assist the management in any other issues concerning the operational status of the fleet. 

Other required expectations – Health and Quality Policies, KPI of vessels 

Experience – Min 5 years sailing experience (preferably with COC Class 1) 

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Port Captain (1 vacancy)

Duties –

Reports to the QHSE manager

Manage issues relating to ship stability, navigation, mooring, and cargo operation activities concerning the following parties,

  • Flag and port states
  • Oil terminals
  • Classification
  • Port ship agents
  • Ship owner or ship manager
  • P&I and H&M insurance
  • Other organizations as is applicable

Organize a planned schedule for the assigned vessels and carry out at least two ship visits per week or more at sufficiently frequent intervals (at intervals that will achieve the intended purpose) to manage effectively. Refer chapter 1 section 4.3.

Participate in shipboard meetings and ship drills for each assigned ship at intervals not exceeding 12 months

Make arrangements and be in attendance for the QMBS, ISM code and ISPS code internal and external audits and SIRE inspections.

Oversee, follow up and close out within the due dates, the non-conformances, and observations as documented in the report.

Continuously monitor the performances including master feedbacks of the fleet navigation and take prompt corrective actions and make appropriate recommendations to the QHSE manager for improvement.

Monitor and make arrangements to update new editions or corrections for paper and digital charts, publications and port marine notices to the assigned vessels. And verify chart and publication corrections completed with assigned shipmasters.

Assist in an onboard incident investigation – gather and analyze the information to complete the report.

Carry out at intervals not exceeding 6 months or if circumstances required, at sufficiently frequent (at intervals to achieve the purpose) intervals the Master performance evaluation

Carry out at intervals not exceeding 12 months the assigned ship’s Master navigation audit.

Interview master, chief, second and cadet deck officer for,

New employment and make a recommendation for approval. Refer chapter 3 sections 2.3, 2.4

Promotion and make a recommendation for approval. Refer chapter 3 sections 2.3, 2.4

Disciplinary issues

Performance review

Rejoining briefing

Oversee and organize to maintain a current list of relevant regulatory publications (IMO, OCIMF, ICS, MCA, Flag state, charts) for the Company and the fleet.

Provide a summary feedback and if applicable, recommendations for improvement during the Company schedule meetings for ships visited.

Carry out not exceeding 12 months D&A policy random seafarer tests.

Assist as is required to support the functions of the shipping departments

Work in a responsible and harmonious attitude to fulfill the Company mission and vision and policies.


Recruitment criteria

Preferred qualifications – Served 1 year as Master on oil tankers

Preferred experience – 2 years’ experience in a similar position

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